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Restaurants and Bars- How to prevent injuries

Restaurants and Bars are common places for the public to visit.  As such there is an exposure to claims just because of the number of people that visit these establishments.  Below find a list of some easy ways to help prevent injuries and claims in the hospitality industry.


• Restaurants should know their Coefficient of Friction (COF) – or the measure of slip
resistance – throughout the restaurant. There are two components of COF – static
and dynamic. The static COF measures how much traction it takes to induce slip,
while dynamic COF calculates a person’s ability to stop once he or she starts to slip.
• Require all employees to wear shoes with slip-resistant soles and low or no heels.
• Mats, if used, should be placed on clean, dry surfaces and should utilize slip-resistant
• Make sure cleaning materials clear grease appropriately to minimize slippery
• Keep all pathways clear.
• Until they are fully clear, make sure spills and wet floors are properly marked for
• Instruct staff not to overfill trays and containers used for busing.
• A safety ladder should be on hand for employees to use for hard-to-reach items.
•Have your insurance agent or risk management professional help develop a safety plan to help both employees and patrons stay safe.

Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at 717.202.8860 or visit our Restaurant clickable coverage page for more ideas on your risk.