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We’re dedicated to helping clients with their unique coverages.

As a parcel delivery contractor you are faced with some unique exposures, and your coverage needs to be compliant with the contracts you are signing.

As a 3rd party parcel delivery contractor you are most likely signing contracts as an Independent Service Provider for the likes of FedEx, Amazon, etc. The contracts require certain coverage items to be in place, and proof of those coverage items to be provided to those Parties. Oftentimes they may send you to a “preferred” program, but did you know there are other viable options?

You may also face the added exposure of increased vehicle counts, employees, and extended hours at certain times of year like the holidays. We have been providing insurance and risk management services to the industry for a number of years, and are confident that we can answer any questions you may have.

When evaluating your insurance and risk management plans and how they affect your costs and your contracts consider the following coverage items:

Worker’s Compensation

  • Claims management
  • Loss Control

Business Auto Policy

  • Hired and Non Owned Auto
  • Non-Trucking Auto Liability
  • Length of time leased vehicles can remain on the policy

Employment Practices Liability

  • Claims made by employees against, you, the employer

At CHARIS Insurance we have experience in handling the compliance and risk management needs of the industry, and would love to see if we can be a fit for handling the needs of your business.