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Why choose an independent insurance agent?

By January 5, 2018January 10th, 2018General Insurance
Independent Insurance Agent

With so many choices of agencies both online and brick and mortar, why choose an independent insurance agent to handle your insurance needs?  We are living in a world in which our buying processes are being drawn away from your individual needs and exposures.   The insurance industry, as a whole, is trying to fit you and your insurance needs into a box, and in doing so is neglecting the fact that no two homes, cars, people or businesses are the same.

In choosing an independent agent you gain access to a number of carriers and companies, in our case over 30.   These 30 carriers are not trying to be everything to everyone, their appetites and what they want to write are as unique as you and the things you are trying to insure.  With that many carriers you are getting an insurance quote that can be competitive from a cost stand point, but more importantly from a coverage standpoint.  You see the independent agent can provide you with options.  At least at our agency.  It is our practice to go out to market to a number of carriers trying to identify the company that best suits your needs.  This is something that most captive or single carrier agencies can’t offer.

How does the independent agency identify your needs and exposure to loss?  In the world of the internet and texting we are still looking to have a conversation with you so that we know your goals and risk tolerance, etc so we are providing not a cookie cutter quote but one tailored to you and your needs.  We have the ability to quote on line and communicate through text when needed, but it is through relationships and conversation that your agent truly learns about you and your needs.

So Why choose independent?  The answer is simple we care!  We care about you, your family, your business, your livelihood.  We exist to Ensure that in the unfortunate event of claim or loss, you have no surprises, because we have talked about it.  We exist to Ensure Your Future!