Restaurants and Bars- How to prevent injuries

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Restaurants and Bars are common places for the public to visit.  As such there is an exposure to claims just because of the number of people that visit these establishments.  Below find a list of some easy ways to help prevent injuries and claims in the hospitality industry.


• Restaurants should know their Coefficient of Friction (COF) – or the measure of slip
resistance – throughout the restaurant. There are two components of COF – static
and dynamic. The static COF measures how much traction it takes to induce slip,
while dynamic COF calculates a person’s ability to stop once he or she starts to slip.
• Require all employees to wear shoes with slip-resistant soles and low or no heels.
• Mats, if used, should be placed on clean, dry surfaces and should utilize slip-resistant
• Make sure cleaning materials clear grease appropriately to minimize slippery
• Keep all pathways clear.
• Until they are fully clear, make sure spills and wet floors are properly marked for
• Instruct staff not to overfill trays and containers used for busing.
• A safety ladder should be on hand for employees to use for hard-to-reach items.
•Have your insurance agent or risk management professional help develop a safety plan to help both employees and patrons stay safe.

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Independent Insurance Agent

Why choose an independent insurance agent?

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With so many choices of agencies both online and brick and mortar, why choose an independent insurance agent to handle your insurance needs?  We are living in a world in which our buying processes are being drawn away from your individual needs and exposures.   The insurance industry, as a whole, is trying to fit you and your insurance needs into a box, and in doing so is neglecting the fact that no two homes, cars, people or businesses are the same. Read More

How umbrella insurance protects you

How umbrella insurance protects you

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An umbrella insurance policy goes above and beyond your regular homeowner, boat, or automobile insurance, and offers liability coverage that protects you and your big-ticket items if you’re ever liable for a claim that exceeds the coverage you have. It’s liability insurance that supplements your current policy limits, designed to help protect your assets in the case of an unexpected event, such as a serious car accident where you’re held responsible for bodily injuries and damage.

While umbrella insurance offers additional coverage beyond the limits of your basic policy, it can also sometimes offer financial protection against property damage liability claims and bodily injury liability claims. Furthermore, depending on the policy you have, you could receive financial assistance for fees related to a false arrest, legal fees, libel, and slander.

Because umbrella insurance can cover a lot of different things, it’s important to have a chat with someone who can offer advice specific to the Lititz, PA area, such as the CHARIS Insurance Group.

Benefits of an Umbrella Insurance Policy

Many of your valuable items and possessions are considered assets, such as your house, car, investment accounts, checking and savings accounts, and future income. If you’re sued for a large amount of money and your current liability policy doesn’t cover the full amount, you may lose some of your most important assets, like your home. Buying umbrella insurance provides peace of mind and lets you rest comfortably knowing that your assets are safe in the event of a catastrophic accident.

Do I Need This Type of Insurance?

When you’re trying to decide if you need umbrella insurance, consider the risks you could face in your day-to-day life or the area you live in, and factor in the value of your assets, as well as the potential loss of future income. This is a tricky question to answer, so it’s recommended that you contact a professional at the CHARIS Insurance Group, serving the Lititz, PA area.

The top things commercial insurance will protect

The top things commercial insurance will protect

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There are many different types of commercial insurance, and as a business owner, you want to make sure that you have the coverage that you need for your industry. Most business owners require the following types of commercial insurance protection and coverage.

1. General liability insurance

General liability insurance will cover your business if someone is injured at your place of work or your home if your company is home-based. If you don’t have this type of coverage, someone could sue you for all your business is worth even if you had nothing to do with their injuries.

2. Commercial auto insurance

Many businesses can only operate with the use of vehicles, and in this case, it’s wise to have commercial auto insurance to protect these vehicles in the event that they get into an accident or cause damage to property and others. It’s even smart to have a business auto insurance plan if you just have one truck or car that you use for deliveries or pickups. It’s important to remember that in most cases, standard personal auto insurance will not cover vehicles that are being used for business purposes.

3. Worker’s compensation insurance

This type of insurance is mandatory if you have any number of employees, and it is often necessary for yourself as well. Worker’s compensation insurance provides payments for lost wages and payments for medical bills associated with on-the-job injuries.

Contact CHARIS Insurance Group

If you reside or have a business in Berks or Chester County and are looking for commercial insurance, let CHARIS Insurance Group in Lititz, PA help you find the perfect plan. We proudly serve businesses all around the state of Pennsylvania. Let one of our agents sit down with you and discuss your options with our agency. You can stop into our nearest location in Lititz, PA or give us a call anytime.

What is umbrella insurance and what does it cover?

What is umbrella insurance and what does it cover?

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Umbrella Insurance from CHARIS Insurance Group

This insurance can be defined as a liability policy that protects you from extra expenses caused by claims and lawsuits on damages. This policy protects the insured from losing an asset in case of failure to service these liabilities. An umbrella insurance policy is widely used in Lancaster, PA, and the surrounding areas to cater for the shortcomings and coverage limitations of standard policies. Companies like CHARIS Insurance Group offer this policy, and to understand its nature, please read on.

What Umbrella Insurance Covers

Umbrella policies are more extensive than normal insurance policies. They insure on risks that your normal policy will typically not cover. A typical umbrella insurance policy in Lancaster, PA, and the surrounding areas, will cater for medical care on injuries sustained, damage on property, coverage for specific lawsuits and personal liabilities.

In covering injuries, these policies go the extra mile to ensure a multiplicity of scenarios are included. Getting an umbrella policy at CHARIS Insurance Group will cater for injuries sustained to yourself in the event of an accident. This insurance will even pay for the medical fees due to damages caused to a neighbor or guest in your car or on your premises. Also, the policy will medically cater for damages caused by your property or child to a third party.

These policies also extensively cater for damages incurred on your property better than standard policies. In Pennsylvania, CHARIS Insurance Group’s insurance policy will also pay for damages caused by property, your child in school, or by a pet to neighbor’s property.

An umbrella policy will shield you from absorbing personal liability and lawsuits. For example, you are a landlord, and your tenant’s child caused damages to a neighboring apartment. Upon meeting the other property’s management, they decide to file a lawsuit and further sue you for a slander or libel. Having an umbrella policy will shield you from directly absorbing the cost of repairing the apartment while paying for your legal fees in your lawsuit.

Reach out to us to learn more about an umbrella policy and how it can be added to your current insurance. Our agents are here to help you and address the concerns you may have.


Home insurance and dog ownership…what you should know

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There are a few things you can do to present your dog in the best light before you look for a home insurance policy. Make sure it’s up-to-date on all veterinarian visits and vaccinations. Have your pet neutered or spayed.

If possible, you should also put your dog through professional training or obedience school. Have records for all these things ready when you’re seeking home insurance.

Don’t Try to Hide your Dog from an Insurance Company

One of the worst things you can do is to keep your pet a secret. If something occurs involving your dog, then you’ll have to reveal it to your insurance company when you make a claim.

If your insurance company didn’t know about your dog, it can invalidate your claim, or invalidate your policy entirely. You will remain solely responsible for any lawsuits, medical bills, and other damages that can come from an accident. Remember, this can occur even if your dog is only partially involved.

Speak to the Insurance Company

As stated, you should certainly bring up your dog with potential insurers. If you don’t have a dog but plan to own one in the future, you should let them know about that as well. Some insurers have no problem with dogs of any breed. Some others may have specific add-on policies for dogs.

Don’t automatically assume you cannot have your dog or you should hide your dog. At the CHARIS Insurance Group, we understand there are many dog owners out there. If you’re looking for home insurance in Lancaster, Berks County, Chester County, or even Lititz, PA that includes your dog, then contact us today for more information.